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University of Washington Mental Health Services for the Community

11/13/2020 10:17 am

Dear Families:
The University of Washington School of Psychology Clinic has openings available for psychoeducational testing and mental health services.

This free program is an amazing opportunity because right now it is not easy to
find mental health specialist available to take new patients.

This initiative provides:
#1Psychoeducational Assessment Services to children ages 10-18 providing phycological, behavioral and developmental assessment testing.
#2 Counseling services to children 9-18 years old using evidence-based practice and treating a wide range of childhood disorders and mental health issues.

They will screen and determine the best form of treatment for each individual client and family. Services are provided by school psychology trainees and are all supervised by a licensed psychologist/faculty member at the University of Washington or remotely on Zoom.

If you feel like your child might need professional help or you just have questions about the services please call the School Psychology Clinic (Monday – Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.) at 206-543-4970.

Source: Allison B. Robertson
University of Washington
College of Education
School Psychology Program Coordinator 206-543-4971

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