Destination Imagination

2023-2024 Co-Chairs: Michelle Guo and David Cui 


Destination Imagination is a team-based program that encourages students to be creative, to think outside of the box, and to collaborate in a variety of unique challenges. 



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DI Overview 

DI is a team-based program. Each team has 2-7 students, plus one parent volunteer who acts as the Team Manager.


Teams can choose from seven challenge types: Technical, Scientific, Engineering, Fine Arts, Improvisational, Service Learning, and Early Learning (Rising Star, specific for Grade K-2).


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Destination Imagination (DI) is a project based, kid-driven program that teaches kids to be innovative problem solvers. Using STEAM, teams of students collaborate, think outside the box and create unique solutions to one of seven different challenges in preparation for a fun, problem-solving competition.


Why DI?

Each year, more than 150,000 students across the world participate in the Destination Imagination Challenge Experience. Hear firsthand from parents about DI’s impact on their kids’ lives.







participate in DI: How to Start

  1. Read the FAQ to understand student time commitments and parental involvement.
  2. Form a team (3-7 students, 1 parent team manager)
    • View or add your information to the DI Interest Sign-Up to connect with parents of other interested students. For privacy, this sign-up is restricted to PTA members only.
    • We will use the Interest sign-up to help connect potential team members with the team manager.
    • Your child can ask classmates and buddies who might be good fits to establish a team
    • For additional help, please email
  3. Register on the PTA website
    • Interested in leading a team? Sign up to be a team manager. 
    • Interested in joining a team? Sign-up on general registration form
    • The paid DI Team Kit will be provided to your team right after registration. It includes your Team Number, full challenge documents, Rules of the Road, and Instant Challenge Practice Set. This kit will give you additional information about how DI works and how you can help!
  4. Start your first team meeting
    • The Guide to Team Manager: Roadmap will be provided to each DI Team Manager.
  5. Choose a Challenge Type


Registration opens: Monday, September 25th, 2023 @ 8:30AM


Registration closes: Monday, October 31, 2023 


Team Manager Registration: Team Managers, please register your child using the Team Manager registration form.* Email to receive the link.


General Registration: Please complete the general registration form once you have formed your DI team. Your registration is confirmed only after payment is received.


For the 2023 to 2024 school year, we offer two options for DI teams. Option 1: team manager coaches team members to work on the challenge. Option 2: A coach from Medina Elementary School GSA team will coach team members once a week. Below are the club fees accordingly: 


Option 1 (parent coach): $325*. Fees cover DI Challenge Program Team Kit (including Team number, Full challenge documents, Rules of the Road, and Instant Challenge Practice Set), regional tournament fees, material for instant challenge kit, and monthly workshops.** 


Option 2 (professional coach): $925*. Fees cover DI Challenge Program Team Kit (including Team number, Full challenge documents, Rules of the Road, and Instant Challenge Practice Set), regional tournament fees, material for instant challenge kit, monthly workshops, and weekly coaching sessions for the team.


*Team Managers of teams with 4+ kids generally receive one complimentary tuition for their child ($325). One Team Manager per DI team. Large teams may be able to have two Team Managers with approval from the DI Chairs: please email  for approval. 


**Additional fees apply if you qualify for and choose to compete in other tournaments, such as DI State and Global Finals.



If you need financial assistance to pay the DI registration fee, please choose the "pay by check" option when checking out. Then, contact our counselor Ms. Geck ( to initiate the process.


Frequently Asked Questions

How many hours are expected from a kid during an entire DI season?

Teams are encouraged to meet in-person once or twice per week starting in October.  Each team meeting lasts about one or two hours. There may be additional offline, hands-on individual work time depending on the solution that a team comes up with.


Teams may increase meetings and/or individual work time as tournaments approach.


How can parents be involved? What are some of the different roles?

  • Team Manager
  • Volunteer Appraiser at the Regional or State Tournament
  • Support Volunteer at the Regional or State Tournament
  • Snack Parent
  • Instant Challenge Parent
  • Errand Parent 


Support and resources for Team Managers

Medina DI will host monthly Team Manager meetings to support new TMs and boost the Medina DI community. In the meetings, we will have experienced DI Team Managers share:

  • good practice,
  • things you need to be aware of,
  • ways to unify the effort for tournament registration, and
  • materials for Instant Challenges.

WA DI resources for Team Managers can be found here: 


Past Years

We are the only PTA in the Bellevue School District offering a DI program. Over the past few years, Medina DI teams have achieved exceptional results in WA DI. We've had 30-50 families participate in DI every year, and quite a few teams have won Regional & State Championships across all of the challenge types, qualifying them to compete in DI Global Finales.



Four Medina DI teams were formed, tackled 2 challenge types and won the Top 1 Regional & State Tournament and Top 10 Global Finals 2023.

Congratulations to all the teams.

A big thank you to all DI team managers: Li-Tan Hsu, Lori Renner, Melissa Lloyd, Wei Cui. We couldn't have had a successful year without you! We appreciate your efforts, passion and dedication.






This year, DI was back to in-person! Five Medina DI teams were formed, covered 4 challenge types, and participated in State Tournaments in March 2022. Two Medina DI teams advanced to Global Finals in Kansas City, MO on May 20-25. The Flaming Eiffel Team won first place in the 2022 Global Finals Service Learning Challenge. Congratulations to Joey, Angelina, Erik and Rachel. It’s the best record in Medina/WA history! The Fab 4 Team won seventh place in the Global Finals Engineering Challenge. Congratulations to Francesca, Justin, Yiheng and Ashleen. It’s out of the World!




During this special year, five Medina DI teams were formed and continued to participate in Regional and State DI Tournaments, which demonstrated strong perseverance and flexibility. In the March to May Regional and State Tournaments, Medina DI teams won two Championships in the State Level - Technical Challenge and Engineering Challenge. Four teams made to the Top 3 in WA State and qualified for Global Finals 2021 representing WA State.

On July 2021 Global Finals, the four Medina DI teams continued to compete in a larger platform with hundreds of top global teams. Facing brand new Fast Flex challenges, each DI team made their best efforts. In the Global Finals Aware Ceremony, the name of Medina Elementary School were called out multiple times. Medina DI teams have been recognized as one of top DI achievers in the national level. Flaming Eiffel (4rd Graders) won Technical Challenge Champion, and the team was nominated as the only USA team to win Renaissance Award in the challenge level. Covid Defeaters (3rd graders) and Fab 5 (3rd Graders) made to Top 10 in Engineering Challenge.


Quote of Global Finals 2021 Special Awards, to Medina DI Flaming Eiffel Team, the only USA team nominated for Renaissance Award in Technical Challenge Elementary Level –

“This team has ‘WOWED’ the Appraisers by creating a truly immersive experience within their Video Game. With creative handmade electronic 3-D backdrops, the Appraisers were transported to an Egyptian pyramid. Camera angles and nearly cinema-quality green screen techniques created an experience that integrated the real world and the digital world. Within their quest, the team built and coded a wooden walking robot through many attempts. Each of their Quest Items was also a technical design achievement. When it came time to defeat their final boss, their Quest Item rewards were integrated into a fascinating trap that the Appraisers wished they could see in person. This team's well-integrated and creative solution really took their Video Game to the NEXT LEVEL!”



  • Technical Challenge: Flaming Eiffel Team won Global Finals 2021 1st Place from hundreds of worldwide top teams. Wow! The team’s creative solution was granted Renaissance Award, which was the first Award Winner from WA State history. In the earlier Regional and State tournaments, the team won the State Champion, State DaVinci Award and made it to Global Finals 2021. Congratulations to 4th graders Joey, Erik, Angelina and Audrey. The State DaVinci Award is offered for exceptional creativity, a unique approach to the problem, or risk-taking. The Global Final Renaissance Award is offered for exceptional skill in the areas of engineering, design, or performance.
  • Engineering Challenge: Covid Defeaters Team won Global Final 3rd Place. In the earlier Regional and State tournaments, this team won State 3rd Place and continued improving their solution. Congratulations to 3rd graders Elena, Derrick, Hanjun, Lily, and Helen.
  • Engineering Challenge: Fab 5 Team won Global Final 5th Place. In the earlier Regional and State tournaments, this team won State 1st Place and made it to Global Finals 2021. Congratulations to Francesca, Ashleen, Yiheng, Justin and Lily.
  • Improvisation Challenge: In the Regional and State tournaments, the Imposters Team won State 3rd Place and made it to Global Finals 2021. Congratulations to 4th graders Yabin, Eason, Linus, Boyu, and Ethan.



The 2019-2020 season of Destination Imagination (DI) was wrapped up in the Virtual Closing Celebration of Global Finals 2020 held on July 16-17, 2020 ( The Medina DI team achieved historic highs in DI Global Finals 2020 and created a new best record.

  • The Flaming Eiffel Team won 2nd place in Global Finals 2020 virtual Central Team Challenge, among 2,200 submissions from 16 countries. Their total score was 183.72, and they were the only Washington state team that made it into the Top 10 at the Elementary Level. The Flaming Eiffel team also won 4th place in the virtual Instant Challenge 3.
  • The Electro Einstein team won 19th place in the split site of virtual Instant Challenge 3.

For the 2019-2020 season, Medina had nine strong DI teams prepared with creative solutions for the tournaments in March. As with all other programs, the in-person tournaments in March were cancelled due to Covid-19. 




Medina teams won 50% of the DI categories in the WA State Tournament, and made it to Global Finales representing WA state in May, 2019.

  • Technical Challenge: Aero Einstein Team (4th grade) State 1st place, made to Global Finales 2019.
  • Improvisation Challenge: Imaginators Team (5th grade) State 1st place, made to Global Finales 2019.
  • Engineering Challenge: Pisa Party Team (5th grade) State 1st place, made to Global Finales 2019.
  • Engineering Challenge: Out of the Box Team (5th grade) Regional 3rd place.
  • Service Learning: The A-mazing Team (4th grade) Regional 2nd place.

For the 2018-2019 season, Medina had 10 total DI teams participating in almost all the challenge categories.





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