Snow Sports

2022-2023 Co-Chairs: Peter Wang and Zhifeng Sun 


Snow Sports runs after school for six Wednesdays in January and February. Students can take the Snow Sports Bus from school or arrange their own ride to Alpental for Medina-exclusive ski or snowboard lessons. 



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Registration will be open here for PTA members only. Bus registration opens Monday, November 28th at 10am. Registration if you drive on your own opens Tuesday, November 29th at 10am. Before registration opens, the links below will show an error!


Bus Registration 

Registration (Driving on Your Own)


**In order to register for the bus or for lessons, you must agree to all Snow Sports policies.


After you complete a registration form above, YOU ARE NOT DONE! Please check your inbox for a confirmation email, "Form completed - Snow Sports ...", which includes a link to purchase ski/snowboard lessons from The Summit. If you do not yet have a 2022-2023 season pass, you may also purchase a pass using this link.


General Information

Dates: Wednesdays: 1/11/2023, 1/18/2023, 1/25/2023, 2/1/2023, 2/8/2023, and 2/15/2023.


Where: Alpental base, The Summit at Snoqualmie. More details.


Transportation Options: There are two options for getting to Alpental for lessons:

Who: Snow Sports activities organized through Medina PTA are for Medina Elementary students only whose parents are Medina PTA members. Lessons are for all Medina Elementary students K-5 at all ski/snowboard levels (first timers to advanced skiiers/snowboarders). Bus service is for grades 1-5 only.


When: (bus riders, see detailed schedule)

  • 12:45pm - Snow Sports Bus departs Medina Elementary School
  • 2:00pm-4:00pm - Ski or Snowboard Lessons at Alpental
  • 6:00pm-6:30pm (estimate) - Snow Sports Bus arrives at Medina Elementary School



  • Ski or snowboard lessons (to be paid directly to Alpental): $290
  • Transportation and operations:
    • Bus service (for Gr. 1-5 only): $250 per student.
    • Drive on your own (Gr. K-5): $10 per student
    • Cost includes operational expenses and a season-end pizza party planned on the last day
  • Additional costs (your responsibility) include:
    1. season pass that includes Wednesday afternoons at Alpental (e.g., Unlimited pass, LTD pass, Remedy pass, or Twilight pass)
    2. ski/snowboard equipment/rental
    3. ski/snowboard wear

Snow Sports Bus Riders

Please read over this section carefully if your child will be riding the Snow Sports bus.


Detailed Schedule

  • before 7:50am or 8:10am to 12:00pm: Parents drop off Snow Sports gear to designated area. You must avoid school drop-off time, so DO NOT drop off equipment between 7:50am and 8:10am. Parents may also bring gear at school dismissal.
  • 12:20pm: School Dismissal - Students put on boots and bring Snow Sports backpack on the bus.
  • 12:30pm: Buses start loading, or sooner if possible
  • 12:45pm: Roll call is taken and buses depart for Alpental
  • 1:45pm: Buses arrive at Alpental
  • 2:00pm-4:00pm: Ski/snowboard lessons
  • 4:00pm: Gear loading and boarding
  • 4:30pm: Roll call is taken and buses depart for Medina
  • 5:30-6:30pm: Buses arrive at Medina Elementary (depending on road conditions). Parents are expected to be ready and pick up students anytime between this hour. An email will be sent when buses depart Alpental (around 90 minutes before pickup) and at exit 90 to Bellevue Way (around 10 minutes before pickup). Parents should be waiting at the school by the time the bus arrives. Repeated late pickup will result in cancellation of bus ride without refund. We need you to be ready to help unload the equipment.

Dropping Off Equipment

You can drop off your child's equipment on Wednesday mornings before 7:50am or between 8:10am and noon. You must avoid school drop off time (7:50am-8:10am)!

  • Please drop off your child's skis, poles (if needed), or snowboards on the lawn at the front of the school (see pic below).
  • Ski/snowboard boots may be dropped off under the tent (see pic below).
  • Students should bring ski/snowboard clothing inside to their classroom in the morning, so they can change inside the school before the school closes after dismissal. Students may not go back into the school building after dismissal once they have exited. If parents bring clothing to dismissal, students will need to change in the parent's car.
  • NOTE: Ski and snowboard equipment will not be allowed on the regular morning school bus - you must arrange to bring your child's equipment to/from school on ski/snowboard days.

Getting Dressed and Ready

At 12:20pm, your child will change into their ski/snowboard clothes in the undercover area. Changing tents will be available. If your child needs help, please meet your child outside and help them change in your car. All bus riders need to be line up before buses depart by 12:45pm.

  • To board the bus, students must present their ski pass. They must have their ski/snowboard boots on and a helmet in order to board the bus.
  • Please pack your child a hearty snack and water. 
  • NOTE: Your child cannot bring their school backpack on the Snow Sports bus. If you are not able to meet your child, please make arrangements to have someone else take the backpack.


Driving on your own

Please read this section carefully if you will be providing your own transportation for your child to Alpental.

Getting Dressed and Ready

Your child should be changed and ready to ski/snowboard at 12:45pm when the buses arrive. Your child can change before you depart for Alpental or in the car after you park at Alpental. Please double check that your child has their ski pass in their pocket before you drop them off with their instructor.

Where to Meet

Alpental Base: The Summit at Snoqualmie has four bases- please make sure to head to Alpental base unless otherwise directed. Occasionally, lessons may be moved to a different base if conditions at Alpental are poor, so please check your email on the day of lessons to ensure you meet at the right location.


Parking: Please park in Alpental Lot #3 (see pic below). To get to Lot #3, drive past the main Alpental parking lot, all of the chair lifts, and Lot #10 where the Snow Sports buses will unload and park. Lot #3 is the parking lot immediately after Lot #10.


Lessons Location: Lessons begin near Lot #10 where the buses park. Please meet your instructor before 2:00pm at your assigned location between the magic carpet and the St. Bernard chair lift. If you do not know your assigned location, please ask when you arrive on the first day of lessons.





You need all of the following equipment with you for ski or snowboard lessons:

  • Ski Pass – must have to board the bus!
  • Ski Jacket, helmet (must have a helmet), goggles
  • Ski Gloves or Mittens and hand warmers, sweater, long underwear
  • Ski Socks (well fitting, wool is great)
  • Ski/Snowboard Pants
  • Ski/Snowboard boots, skis/poles (if needed)/snowboards - please make sure all equipment fits well.

VERY IMPORTANT: Please check all clothing and equipment for proper fit and function prior to the first lesson. A “dry run” will insure that your child’s first day goes smoothly! Also, it’s a good idea to label every piece of equipment with a name and phone number - we always have so many gloves, goggles, poles, hats, etc. - after every trip...


Gear Rental


Because children grow out of equipment quickly, we recommend renting ski/snowboard equipment. Medina PTA does not endorse any particular rental company. However, the closest rental location is Ski Mart in Bellevue: 





ELIGIBILITY: Our afterschool clubs (including Snow Sports) are ONLY for CURRENT-ENROLLED Medina Elementary students with ACTIVE Medina PTA membership. You must be enrolled with Medina Elementary school at the time of attending the club and have a valid Medina PTA family or individual membership for the 2022-2023 school year. You agree that if your kid is not currently enrolled with Medina Elementary school OR you do not purchase PTA membership by December 5th, your child will be withdrawn from Snow Sports immediately with no refund.


REFUND: There are no refunds once payment is received.


BEHAVIOR: Parents and students are expected to behave respectfully to each other, the Snow Sports chaperones and volunteers, The Summit at Snoqualmie instructors, and anyone associated with Medina PTA and The Summit at Snoqualmie. If we feel you or your student’s behavior is disruptive, or you or your student are consistently disrespectful, we reserve the right to withdraw your student (after sufficient warnings) with no refunds.


PUNCTUAL DROP OFF: You must board the bus on time (for bus riders) or arrive on time for lessons (if you drive on your own). Bus departure and lessons will begin as scheduled, and if you are late, they will not wait for you. You understand that if you miss a day of Snow Sports due to your tardiness, this missed day will not be made up or refunded.


PUNCTUAL PICK UP:  If your child rides the bus, you must be ready to pick up your child anytime between 5:30pm and 6:30pm. To help you plan your arrival, you will receive an email when the bus leaves Alpental and when the bus exits I-90 onto Bellevue Way. Please respect our volunteers’ time by picking your child up promptly when the Snow Sports Bus returns to Medina Elementary. Our parent chaperones are required to stay until the last child is picked up.


If you drive on your own, you must be ready to pick up your child from Alpental promptly when lessons end at the designated meeting spot. 


If you pick up your child late more than once, we reserve the right to withdraw your child from Snow Sports with no refunds.


SAFETY: You agree to follow, and instruct your child to follow, all Bellevue School District, Medina Elementary, Medina PTA and The Summit at Snoqualmie safety protocols. If you or your child do not follow safety protocols, we reserve the right to withdraw your child (with sufficient warnings) with no refunds.


ABSENCES: If your child will not be at Snow Sports (on the bus or at the lessons), you must email prior to 11am on that Snow Sports day. You understand that two unexcused absences may result in removal of your student from the club without refund.


Frequently Asked Questions 

Directions: Click on the question to view the answer. You must click on the TEXT, not the surrounding colored box. 

Should I buy or rent equipment, and where should I Buy/Rent?


The choice of renting or buying ski/snowboard equipment is up to you, but we recommend renting because children outgrow their gear quickly. Medina PTA does not endorse any particular rental company. However, the closest rental location is Ski Mart in Bellevue: 


What lift ticket should i purchase for my child?


There are at least four types of season passes for ages 7+: Unlimited, LTD, Remedy, and Twilight. All four types give you access to the Alpental lifts during our Wednesday afternoon lessons. 


For children under 7, you can purchase a Child season pass.


Please view season pass options here:



How does alpental group students for lessons?


Students are grouped by both age and ski/snowboard ability.


When you register your child for lessons, you will be asked for your child's current ski/snowboard level from level 1 (never skiied/snowboarded before) to level 9 (can negotiate black and double black runs in any terrain in any conditions).


The ability levels can be found on The Summit at Snoqualmie webpage here:


The instructors will also make adjustments to the groups on the first day of lessons.


My child has never skiied or snowboarded before. Can I still sign up?


Yes! Please list your child as level 1 (never skiied/snowboarded before).


What is the instructor to student ratio?


We are currently expecting a 1:5 instructor-to-student ratio.




Questions? Email