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Open Positions

For the 2022-2023 school year, all of our board of director positions and committee chair positions are filled.


If you are interested in helping out in a particular area, please check out our Leadership Page and contact the appropriate committee chair. We look forward to hearing from you!



Volunteer opportunities

PTA Volunteer Opportunities

  • Board of Directors and Committee Chairs: Interested in being a leader of our PTA? Or do your interests lie in organizing events or programs? Look through our Leadership Page to see what positions interest you! Open positions are listed above.
  • After-School Clubs: All of our after school clubs require a large number of parent volunteers in order to operate, which are typically filled at the beginning of the school year. Check the webpage of each club for their specific opportunities.
  • Volunteer at a PTA Event: One-Time PTA volunteer opportunities are announced in The Byte.


School / Classroom Volunteer Opportunities

Medina PTA acts as a liaison to help recruit and organize parent volunteers for Medina Elementary to help as:

  • Room Parents: Support your classroom teacher and act as the "parent of parents." Room parent positions are filled at the beginning of each school year, and open positions are announced in early Byte issues every year. For more information, please contact our room parent coordinator: roomparents@medinapta.org
  • Library Volunteers: Assist librarians with keeping the library organized and help students check out books. For more information, please contact our library chair: library@medinapta.org.

Read our weekly newsletter, The Byte, to learn about additional short-term or one-time volunteer opportunities.


Thank you Volunteers!

Thank you to our many dedicated volunteers, especially our committee chairs whose names and contact information are listed here. Your efforts are appreciated by everyone in the Medina Elementary community!


Golden Acorn

The Golden Acorn Award is presented by local PTAs to volunteers in recognition of their exemplary and outstanding service. Medina PTA awards this honor to volunteers who are “graduating” from Medina Elementary with their 5th grade students. 


Our Golden Acorn recipients go above and beyond with their service and dedication to our children! Thank you to all of Golden Acorn recipients, including recent recipients:

  • 2023: Anita Bagga, Evonne Lai, Maria Barrios, Michelle Hua, Rongzhi Lu, Tammy Khovidhunkit, and Tony Tsai.
  • 2022: Hui Han, Debbie Kalpakidis, Shari Kauls, Janice Kim, Jin Ah Lim, Cecilia Ngan, Ujvala Pereira, and Tracy Qin; Certificate of Appreciation recipients: Robert Donner and Carmen Gomez Alzaga.
  • 2021: Andrea Turner, Carrie Montague, Chasma Gerron, Farnaz Farringer, Jaclyn Schwartz, Jun Zhang, Li Ge, Liz Quinn, Michelle Razore, Rebecca Johnston, Su Su, Thuy Shimizu, Tracy Mayclin, and Yan Yang.
  • 2020: Agnes Chen, Eileen Foley, Allison Frey, Dana Gribble, Yan Guo, Yi Jin, Raafia Khan, Mollie Lentz, Mette Naness, Ian Olsen, Jianbo Peng, Andrea Perry, Liang Sun, and Brandon Wang.
  • 2019: Alicia Alibhai, Shanna Case, Emily Ching, Manda Ederer, Dongqin Feng, Cindy Gayte, June Han, Rachel Hildahl, Karyn O’Hara, Jessica Rossman, Denise Stolte-Reinisch, and Jessica Liping Shao.


Weekly Recognition

Every week in our Byte newsletter, our PTA Co-Presidents recognize volunteers who have given extraordinary effort that week. Check out the President's Message in our past Byte issues here.