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  • Bellevue PTSA Council: The Bellevue PTSA Council represents the 30 PTAs in the Bellevue School District. Monthly meetings provide local unit representatives the opportunity to hear from and talk with district administrators and with one another and to receive other information of interest to the students, families and PTSA units in the Bellevue School District.
    • Bellevue Gifted Alliance: The Bellevue Gifted Alliance (BGA) in the Bellevue School District encompasses families of highly capable students, teachers, administrators and interested community members promoting excellence in “gifted” or “highly capable” education.
  • Washington State PTA 
  • National PTA 


Join Chinook PTSA's Board or Chair a Committee in 2024-2025!!!

3/31/2024 10:31 am

Chinook PTSA is beginning its search for rising 5th grade caregivers who would like to join our PTSA Board or Chair one of the committees. I know with the year ending and the finish line in sight, it's hard to think of volunteering for the next year. However, my ask is simply if you have any interest to reach out to me to discuss what is available. As you all know, the PTSA for middle school isn't as time consuming as it is in elementary. At Chinook we are fortunate that many of our heavy lifting roles are already filled, but we do have some positions that we would love to have incoming 6th grade caregivers be a part of. Please reach out to me, Debbie, at for more information. I hard sell, just a conversation about what is available. Thank you so much and congrats 5th grade caregivers on crossing that elementary finish line for your child!

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Introduction to PTSA seminar for Mandarin Speakers

9/17/2022 11:24 am

Bellevue PTSA Council 于9月23日 10:00am-11:30am举办一次中文座谈会,帮您多了解学校 PTSA 的运作。欢迎家长参加!here

Bellevue PTSA Council will host "Introduction to PTSA" seminar on Friday, September 23rd, 2022 10:00am – 11:30 am. The session will be conducted in Mandarin Chinese. Please find more information here 

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Chinook’s PTA Welcome and News

6/11/2022 10:35 pm

Congratulations on your child’s graduation from elementary school! You might have lots of questions about what is next. Take a look here for more info.

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National PTA: 125th Anniversary Convention

2/28/2022 8:14 pm


This year's Legislative Conference will be a part of National PTA’s 125th Anniversary Convention #PTACon2022 on June 14-19, 2022 in National Harbor, Md. Find out more about Hill Day and other critical advocacy events at

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WSPTA Essay Contest

1/17/2022 5:09 pm


Does your child enjoy writing? The WSPTA Essay Contest is open to all grades K-12 and asks students to explore the important and varied influencers in their lives.

The last day to submit your entry through WSPTA's online form is Tuesday, March 1st. Please use "Medina PTSA" and "2.3.57" as the PTA/PTSA name and number on the online submission form.

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Focus on Advocacy Week

1/9/2022 5:32 pm

WSPTA's Focus on Advocacy Week is January 17-21, 2022. Each day will focus on an important part of the Legislative Platform. Learn more about how you can be involved from the WSPTA website.

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Reflections Awards

1/2/2022 8:54 am

Thanks to all the participants in the 2021 reflections program! The judges enjoyed viewing each and every submission and encouraged you all to keep creating. Congratulations to the following winners for the 2021 Medina Elementary Reflections Art Competition: [Literature]1st place: Anushka T (G3) [Visual Art] 1st place: Charles Z(G1), Yihan L(G3); 2nd place: Andy H (G4), Hanjun W (G4)

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Reflections Art Competition

3/6/2021 1:49 pm

We'd like to share the video of amazing Reflections artworks by the finalists of Bellevue PTSA Council who are heading to the Washington State level -

Congratulations to our Medina Tiger winners Elina Z. (Literature), Sophia C. (Photography), and Joey G. (Film Production)! Thanks for the support from all the participants and parents!

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WSPTA Convention

2/28/2021 11:10 pm

SAVE THE DATE! The WSPTA Convention will be held virtually on May 18-23, 2021. For more information and how to attend, please visit: 

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WSPTA Essay Contest

2/22/2021 9:12 pm

Do you kids love to write? Do they have anyone they admire? The WSPTA Essay Contest is open to K-12 students. This year is calling essay entries about a real life hero around you. The deadline is March 1. See contest guideline and email if you need assistance!

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