Reading Club

2021-2022 Chair: Jin Ah Lim 


Reading Club is a reading program for all Medina Elementary students (K-5th grade). The program helps students build good reading habits and to discover the joy of reading through introducing diverse books by grade reading level.


Check out the Apr/May Book List!


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Reading Club is a year-long program, running from October through May. 


There are four terms (Oct/Nov, Dec/Jan, Feb/Mar, Apr/May) that students may join. During each term, a new Book List is released for students to read. Each Book List is carefully compiled by dedicated parent volunteers to ensure only quality reading material is included.


Reading Club participants need to submit a book report for each book that he/she reads from the Book List. This is the only way we can keep track of how many books each student has read!


 Term Dates Book List
1st October & November Oct/Nov Book List
2nd December & January Jan/Feb Book List
3rd February & March Feb/Mar Book List


How to Participate


Take a look at the current Book List and pick your books to read! While the Book List provides a suggested age range, we recommend choosing books at your reading level and are suitably challenging. Parents may need to help determine which books are at an appropriate reading level.


The school librarians have a list of which books can be found in the school library. You can find the remaining books at the Bellevue Public Library!



Read your chosen books! Read as many as interest you, or try to read them all!



Submit a simple book report for every book you child reads from the current Book List. We will only know that you've read a book if you submit a book report!



Submit A Book Report

Students will submit their book reports by Google form. Please submit this form every time you read a book. You can submit this form as many times as you need!


Grades K-3:



Grades 4-5:


1st Term - Oct/Nov

The top reader in each grade can choose a book that is donated to the classroom library and be the first to read that book!


We'll also announce classrooms with high participation, so help your classroom get recognized by participating in Reading Club!


2nd-4th Term 

Prizes and Recognition TBA.



The student in each grade who read the most books overall will receive a book series of their choice!


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Why Should I participate in Reading Club?


There are many benefits to reading! Reading helps students sharpen their minds, increase vocabulary, improve memory and focus, strengthen their writing abilities, enhance imagination, and so much more.


What kinds of books will be included in each Book List?


Reading Club Book Lists will include books from a variety of genres and cultures, as well as special holiday books (ex. Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter).


All of the books will be recommended by a reputable source, such as the Bellevue Library, and reviewed by our school librarian.


To ensure that every child has access to books in the Book Lists, all books chosen for Reading Club will be available either from the school library or the Bellevue Public Library.


How are Book Lists structured?


Each Book List includes a single list of books- it is not broken down by grade, age, or reading level. Instead, each Book List provides a recommended age range for each book. While the age range is a great guideline, we recognize that each child is different. As such, we ask that parents help their children choose the books that are most appropriate for them. If your child finishes all appropriate books in the Book List, please feel free to email us at to request an expanded Book List.


How should my child submit the online book report if he/she can't type?


Online book reports are submitted via Google forms. The online system makes it possible for Reading Club's parent volunteers to keep track of every student's progress. We understand that not all students are capable of typing their own answers into the form. Especially for our younger readers, parents are permitted to type their child's responses word for word into the online book report form. 


If you have any questions about the online form, please send your question to


What if I've already read a book in the book list?


Read the book again!


There is always something new to discover from each rereading of a book! Remember that you can only submit book reports for books you have read during that challenge (NOT before!).


What if I have book suggestions for future Reading Club challenges?


We welcome your suggestions! Parents often discover wonderful books for their own children, and can pass on their knowledge to others in the community. We particularly want to hear from you if you're aware of great books from your culture. Medina Elementary is striving to teach and familiarize students with books, stories, and authors from around the world!


Please send your suggestions to



Questions? Email