Reading Club

2022-2023 Chair: Lucy Liang 


Reading Club is a reading program for all Medina Elementary students (K-5th grade). The program helps students build good reading habits and to discover the joy of reading through interesting challenges and interactive fun activities.


The second challenge is underway!

Download the reading log now in Word or PDF!


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You are invited to join a treasure hunt journey with your friends in school. Together we will take different challenges, level up, explore the pirate dungeon, and discover the precious treasure. Here is the secret scroll ...



An ancient legend told a story about pirates and their lost precious treasure.


Follow my clues to unveil the secret.


Me hearties, here be your first clue:


To find more clues you must read books to get closer to the truth…



Call all your friends to read together.


The more books you read, the more clues you will get.

Get your reading logs ready by end of Oct 7th, and the next clue will be revealed.




There will be different reading challenges. Once you have completed one of the challenges, you will receive an invitation to join the Reading Club event.


First Challenge

Read at least 20 minutes per day for 20 days

Track your reading progress using a reading log sheet (Download it here in Word or PDF).


Once you have completed the challenge, please drop your reading log sheet to the Reading Club Box in the front office. The due date is October 7th.


The First Event details will be announced later through invitation letters to students who passed the first reading challenge. The event date will be November 18th 2:45pm-3:45pm.


You can choose what to read, such as books from various genres, newspapers, magazines, or cooking recipes. Use the reading log sheet to track your progress. Need suggestions? Check out last year's Reading Club Book Lists:  List 1List 2List 3, List 4.


Event Unveiled ~

Reading Club will have our first event on Nov 18th from 2:45 - 3:45pm


We sent out invitations for this event to students who submitted their reading logs, and unveiled one piece of the treasure map. A copy of this piece has been attached to your invitation letter. You will have the opportunity to see the authentic piece at the event.


We will follow the instructions on the treasure map, travel to Wizard Island, retrieve the hidden magical wand, and then learn how to make magic potions. These collected items will need to be stored carefully for future use. Remember, this is just the first step on our treasure hunt journey.


On the invitation letter, students will get instructions on how to prepare their first Reading Club event. They will split into two groups. The activities will be around the following two book series. Students can choose which group they want to join based on their reading level.

  • The Magic Tree House (book 1-10)
  • Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

If your child has read these books before, we would recommend them to read these books again to prepare for the event or read more books from these two series.  


We need your help to make this event successful. If you enjoy playing with kids and have curiosity of what is in their mind. Please consider signing up for this volunteer opportunity. We will work together to make this event full of fun.


Sign Up Here!


Please note, only students who received the invitation letter can attend this event. But it’s never too late to join Reading Club and have fun with your friends. Our next challenge has already begun! By completing the reading challenges, you will receive entry tickets to our events. 


Second Challenge 

Find New Books to Read

Please find some time in the evenings or weekends, plan trips with an adult to a library or a bookstore.


Take a sneak peak of books you haven’t read or heard before.


By looking at the cover, what do you think the book is mostly about?


Read the title, do you have more ideas of what it is about?


Were you able to find the brief introduction?


Take notes using the reading log (Download it here in PDF or Word).


Once you finish reading the book you picked, write down what the book is all about.


Is your initial impression accurate?


Let’s see how many new books you can read in the next couple of months. The due date will be Dec 9th. Once you have completed the second challenge, you can submit your reading log into the drop box in the front office.


Event Unveiled ~


Reading Club had our second event on Feb 3rd from 2:45 - 3:45pm

Our reading club members have received the second piece from the treasure map. We followed the clue from the map and traveled from the Wizard Island to the Dragon Cave. On our way to the Dragon Cave, we fell in a pit and were found trapped in the underworld. Hades, God of the underworld, agrees to let us out if we assist him to complete one mission. Cerberus, the dog of Hades, found one message from his informant.


“Titans are planning to steal dragon eggs from the Dragons Cave on the northern island.”


The mission is to protect unhatched baby dragons from the Titan.  Let’s work together to come up with a plan to complete the mission Hades requested.


What are you waiting for? Come and join us on the event day. 



Create your own reading list

Let's try to create your own reading list, set a goal for one next month, and build a routine to make daily progress towards your goal. Let’s see how many books you can go through from your own reading list. The due date will be March 17th. Once you have completed the second challenge, you can submit your reading log into the drop box in the front office.
Tips on building your own reading list:

1. Start with what you know: Make a list of books that you have already read and liked. This can give you an idea of what genres and themes you enjoy.

2. Ask for recommendations: Talk to teachers, librarians, friends, and family about books they have enjoyed. Don’t be afraid to ask for suggestions!

3. Explore different genres: Try reading books from different genres, such as mystery, science fiction, adventure, fantasy, historical fiction, and poetry.

4. Look for award-winning books: Check out lists of books that have won awards, such as the Newbery Medal or the Caldecott Medal. These awards are given to books that are considered the best in children's literature.

5. Find books by your favorite authors: If you have a favorite author, see if they have written any other books that you might like.

Remember, the most important thing is to find books that you enjoy.

Make progress on the reading list you created. Once you have finished a book, write down what you liked and didn't like about each book you read. This can help you remember what you have read and give you a reference for future books to try.

Click here to download the reading log. 


Plan Ahead 

Plan ahead for upcoming reading challenges and club events! Here is the schedule with events taking place directly after school:


Challenge Log Due Event Date
September log October 7th November 18th 
November log  December 9th  February 3rd 
February log  March 3rd April 3rd 
April Log  May 5th  June 9th 


All club members who submit the reading log and passed the challenge will receive the event invitation.



Join with us to take the challenge and complete the mysterious mission.




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