Runners Club

2021-2022 Chair: Lingyun Hu 


Runners Club promotes physical fitness and helps kids stay moving and active! For 2021-2022, Runners Club will have in person running events and release running routes that can be completed on your own time.


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live events

Runners Club will host running events this fall and spring where kids can run together in a park.

Medina Park fall running - Sundays, Sept. 12, 19, & 26, 4-5pm

Medina Park spring running - Saturday, April 23 and Sundays, May 1 &15, 4:30pm-5:30pm


Our live running events will be at Medina Park! Find us at the picnic shelter (see map below) and run Medina Park's paths with your schoolmates.



The red loop in the map shows a quarter-mile loop, which is suitable for kids of all elementary ages! For older kids, the largest loop in Medina Park is a half-mile.


All students who participate will receive a toe token, and they can earn additional toe tokens based on running mileage!


Fall Running Maps

For those who cannot join us in person, or who want additional running opportunities, Runners Club will be releasing running maps with specified routes for you to run. Complete each route at a convenient time for you. Here is the current route:



Dates: Nov. 7 - Dec. 6

Distance: 2.5 miles




Suggested Parking: Park across the street from Bellevue Christian on 28th St, or at the Evergreen Point Park & Ride.


Directions: If starting on Evergreen Point Rd near 28th St, head south on Evergreen Point Rd and find #5, then #1. Turn left on NE 22nd and then onto 78th Ave NE. Be careful crossing NE 24th, then find #2. Turn right onto the pedestrian only path and continue on NE 26th St. Make a left onto 80th Ave NE and a right on NE 27th St. Continue as the street becomes 82nd Ave NE and find #3. Make a left on NE 24th and another left on 84th Ave NE. Turn left to run the loop of Medina Circle and find #4. Return to 84th Ave NE and turn left before you reach the big intersection of 520. Continue on the pedestrian only path and onto NE 28th St. Find #5.


During your run: Keep an eye out for course markers (i.e. lawn signs) with silly questions for you to answer. The approximate location of each marker is shown on the running map, so you won't miss any of them! You can answer the questions during your run via QR codes at each sign, or after your run using this completion form: 

Purple Route Completion Form


All kids who complete the Blue Route will receive an blue toe token, and can earn additional toe tokens based on cumulative milage.



Toe Tokens

Kids can earn toe tokens when they run! Toe tokens are little foot-shaped tokens that can hang on a student's backpack on a chain. Collect them all!

 Past Maps


Dates: Oct. 10 - Nov. 1

Distance: 2.7 miles 



Suggested Parking: You can park on the street near Medina Elementary or on NE 12th St near the 5-way intersection. Please only park in the Medina Elementary parking lot after school hours.


Directions: If starting from NE 8th St (near the school), walk/run up the hill on 83rd Ave as it curves up. Continue on 84th Ave towards the Chevron gas station and find (#1). Cross the 5-way intersection to continue east on the north side of NE 12th St. Turn left onto 86th Ave NE, make a quick left onto NE 13th, and another quick right onto NE 15th St. Turn right onto 86th Ave NE and find (#2). Get back onto NE 12th St and continue east. Cross the street at NE 10th St and continue down that street to find (#3). Turn left on 86th Ave NE. Make a shallow right onto NE 5th St, a quick left onto Ridge St, and another quick right onto Upland Rd. Find (#4) and turn right onto Overlake Dr. Turn left onto 81st Ave and find (#5).




Dates: Sept. 13 - Oct. 4

Distance: 1.7 Miles



Suggested Parking: NE 12th St or at Medina Elementary when school is out. Directions: Walk through Medina Park, cross the street at the crosswalk and find (1); continue south on 84th St, turn right onto 83rd Ave NE and walk down the hill as it curves into NE 8th St; find (2); turn left onto 81st St NE and another left onto Overlake Dr; continue to find (3); turn right onto Evergreen Point Rd and head north; turn right onto NE 10th St and find (4).



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