STEM Night

2023-2024 Co-Chairs: Kexin Xu and Nethra Krishnamoorthy


Medina STEM Night is an exciting night full of fun and hands-on learning with STEM related activities for all ages. We welcome the entire Medina Elementary community to join us for exploration, discovery and entertainment!



We are excited to bring you the sizzling STEM night at Medina! We are having:

  1. Biology, Engineering and Science Exhibits
  2. Hands-on Kids STEM Activities
  3. Interactive Exhibits

Below is a glimpse of what each activity has in store for you.



Biology, Engineering and Science Exhibits


Time: 5:00pm - 7:00pm
Location: Cafeteria


We have amazing vendors coming to Medina Elementary this year to get kids excited and learn more about various topics. Highlights include:

  • Pacific Science Center
    • Circulate among exhibits that cover an amazing body of knowledge: biology! How steady is your balance? Where is your ulna? Assemble skeletons, analyze x-rays, and scrutinize skulls. Tease your mind with optical illusions and then look inside a real human brain! 
  • Burke Museum
    • Take a tour through 540 million years of time and life at school! Learn how the three types of rocks that make up our planet are formed from minerals. Find out how paleontologists “read” the fossil record for clues about what the world used to look like. Then become a paleontologist yourself by excavating fossils from dig pits, and exploring exhibits with fossils and cast replicas of plants and animals from the Paleozoic (sea creatures!), Mesozoic (dinos!) and Cenozoic (mammals!) Eras.
  • Kidsquest Museum
    • Come and build with us as we create structures taller than we are! It takes cooperation, teamwork, and some imagination to use angles and shapes to create buildings that are superstructures. Using the power of hydraulics we will create elevators and scissor lifts to move objects to new heights. 


Hands-on Kids STEM Activities

Time: 5:00pm - 7:00pm
Location: Gym


We are excited to host opportunities for hands-on STEM activities this year! We will be having stations for a variety of science, engineering and math kits to enable kids to learn those subjects in a fun way. We will have kid friendly science kit stations monitored by a parent as kids indulge in real life science time by themselves or with their friends. It is our way of encouraging their creative minds into building our Future World! Highlights include:

  • Northwest Railway Museum
    • Offer hands-on/experiment activities for STEM/engineering challenge
  • Math 4 Love 
    • Fun math games to play with family or friends
  • Robotics 
    • Offered by various vendors to learn how to build and program robotics 


Interactive Exhibits

Time: 5:00pm - 7:00pm
Location: Library and Gym


Finally but not at least, we have the following vendors to come and provide an amazing science experience for kids through close observation! 

  • Woodland Park Zoo
    • Visit and interact with ambassador animals and biofacts (such as bones, fur, feathers, etc). 
  • Issaquah Salmon Hatchery
    • Learn about the salmon anatomy from a dissected salmon
  • Safari Insect 
    • Close observation of preserved insect specimens to understand form and function of bodies, relationships between organisms and methods of identifying organisms.


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