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Reading Club

2/11/2023 8:59 am

Our reading club members have received the second piece from the treasure map. We followed the clue from the map and traveled from the Wizard Island to the Dragon Cave. On our way to the Dragon Cave, we fell in a pit and were found trapped in the underworld. Hades, God of the underworld, agrees to let us out if we assist him to protect the dragon eggs from Titians.

With the help from reading club members, we have worked together and made some great looking dragon eggs to disguise the Titians. None of the real dragon eggs were stolen by Titans, and all the baby dragons were successfully hatched.

Here is the Third Reading Challenge – Create your own reading list, set a goal for the next month, and build a routine to make daily progress towards your goal. Let’s see how many books you can go through from your own reading list. The due date will be March 17th. Once you have completed the second challenge, you can submit your reading log into the drop box in the front office.

Tips on building your own reading list:

  1. Start with what you know: Make a list of books that you have already read and liked. This can give you an idea of what genres and themes you enjoy.
  2. Ask for recommendations: Talk to teachers, librarians, friends, and family about books they have enjoyed. Don’t be afraid to ask for suggestions!
  3. Explore different genres: Try reading books from different genres, such as mystery, science fiction, adventure, fantasy, historical fiction, and poetry.
  4. Look for award-winning books: Check out lists of books that have won awards, such as the Newbery Medal or the Caldecott Medal. These awards are given to books that are considered the best in children's literature.
  5. Find books by your favorite authors: If you have a favorite author, see if they have written any other books that you might like.

Remember, the most important thing is to find books that you enjoy.

Make progress on the reading list you created. Once you finished a book, write down what you liked and didn't like about each book you read. This can help you remember what you have read and give you a reference for future books to try.

Click here to download the reading log.


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