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Arts Programs Registration Update

9/23/2023 8:53 pm

What a hectic registration week it has been!

Thank you to those who successfully registered for the Art program. We truly appreciate your patience as we ensure that everyone is warmly welcomed into the program.

If you're unsure whether you successfully signed up for the Art program, please check your email for a receipt or visit this link: to view your previous orders.

Due to popular, we only have limited spots left for Cultural Art (now sold out, as of 9/24). Read more information below:


Cultural Art celebrates world cultures and holiday festivities through a variety of multimedia art forms. Young artists will have the opportunity to explore and create art inspired by different cultural traditions, using techniques like clay sculpting, floral artistry, tie die, ink painting, mask making and much more. The program aims to foster crosscultural understanding, creativity, and appreciation for the rich tapestry of our world traditions.

  • Chinese Ink Painting
  • Brazilian Carnival Mask
  • Greek/Roman
  • Architectural Orders
  • Aboriginal Art
  • African Mask
  • Festive Pumpkin
  • Deck the Halls Tree


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